MNS Pre-Qualification

Customer Information

MOEbiz Representative Information

1) Where would you like your company to be on the Attitude Toward Technology (ATT) scale?

2) In the next 12-24 months do you believe your company’s reliance on technology will increase, decrease, or remain the same?

3) Is the impact on technology from trends and/or requirements in your industry increasing, decreasing or remaining the same?

4) Do you have a Technology Roadmap and annual budget for Technology Investments?

5) How many computer users do you have in your company?

6) Do you have an internal dedicated IT staff?

7) On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you describe your IT pain or frustration right now (1=no pain, 10=lots of pain)?

8) How important is it to you for your employees/users have a resource they can call or chat for immediate help when they have IT related questions and problems?

9) If your server or network is down how severely will your business operations be impacted?

10) With the proliferation of viruses, malware, and other internet threats along with increases in regulation how concerned are you about the security and safety of your network and computers?

General Comments

Total Score:       If the total score is 20 or higher, the lead is pre-qualified.